Lemuel Riggins | Co-Founder & CEO

Ph.D in Mathematics from Case Western University, communications technology expert, reverse engineer.

Jason Perzanowski | Co-Founder & COO

Jason served in the United States Navy for 11 years as a Communications Officer specializing in linguistics and network security engineering. Jason is a graduate of the Defense Language Institute of Monterey, CA. and professionalized himself in the Spanish language. During his tenure in the Navy, Jason was responsible for providing timely information to area commanders that was instrumental in their decision making processes dealing with national intelligence.

Alex White | Co-Founder

Alex is a former global network engineer for the Department of Defense. Alex researched and developed innovating tools to solve complex mobile security issues with today’s latest consumer technology and created strong relationships with leading mobile device and software manufacturers. Alex received a B.A. in Information and Network Security from Davenport University and a M.S. in Information Systems Engineering from Johns Hopkins University.



John Jacobs | Advisor

As a C-Suite executive and the former Chief Marketing Officer of NASDAQ OMX (an S&P 500 company), John brings more than 30 years of business success and expertise in working with institutional investors, IPOs, and top public companies around the world. John served as an entrepreneur within NASDAQ by relentlessly pursuing business innovation, establishing and building winning business units, and managing revenue growth through the challenges brought about by rapid expansion. John excels at successfully navigating crisis situations by preserving long-term business relationships, maintaining hard-won brand identities, and working with the media to reach a favorable outcome. Beyond expertise, John has a standout ability to always find a way to win, regardless of the circumstances-a key component to consistently drive transformation and business growth.


Strategic Partner

Hawkins Group™ offers a comprehensive, team-oriented approach to securing, optimizing and managing your company’s digital infrastructure. Our complete array of advisory services and solutions enables our clients to run efficient IT Operations, while preventing security breaches and keeping your data 100% secure. Our “4D” protection adds an extra dimension to cybersecurity: we Defend, Detect, Decide & Defeat any cybersecurity threat, and implement enterprise-wide resiliency to protect your business against internal and external adversaries. With Hawkins Group™ in your corner, you can safely and efficiently use your data wherever and whenever you need it.