An entire secure communications suite of mobile devices, VoIP phones, custom applications, hand delivery, and 24×7 support designed for protecting intellectual property and sensitive communications between executives, staff, and partners.

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Moving Target Defense is the foundation of Glacier’s secure communications suite. The moving network approach allows Glacier to dynamically change software and system configurations to add uncertainty and diversity to each client infrastructure.

Each customers private network continually shifts over time to increase complexity and cost for attackers, limit the exposure of vulnerabilities and opportunities for attack, and increase system resiliency.

  • Multi-region ephemeral networks
  • Machine instances are encrypted with a unique customer key
  • Sensitive data is automatically discovered, classified, and protected with machine learning
  • Identifies suspected attackers through integrated threat intelligence feeds


Device Tiers

Device tiers are designed for a wide range environments and device use cases, such as overseas travel and day-to-day communications. From safely procured and pre-configured mobile devices to BYOD, we tailor the solution unique to the customer.


Messaging & Voice

Chat, send voice messages, create group conferences, and make voice calls through multiple layers of encryption all locked within a unique, private, and never-shared, trusted enclave.

  • Anonymous ephemeral 1:1 and group messaging, new keys generated with each message
  • Global and individual message burn timers
  • File sharing, location, and voice messages
  • Encrypted and anonymous external calling enables users to receive calls from any mobile device or land line
  • Securely wipe all history from device


Device Management

Device Management Dashboard gives you insight into your deployed devices no matter where they are located. Create compliance rules, remotely locate and wipe devices, lock and change PINs, and automatically remove unapproved applications.

  • Dashboard enables secure monitoring and management of all of your mobile devices from anywhere in the world
  • Find lost or stolen devices with integrated real-time location data via GPS, WiFi, or IP address
  • Easy deployment and maintenance of free, paid, or Enterprise mobile apps



The Glacier team is uniquely qualified to assist organizations providing a secure communications suite to keep intellectual property private both in and outside the office. Glacier provides each client a dedicated support team with 24×7 availability.

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