Technology has advanced and evolved dramatically over the past couple decades – with the pace showing no signs of slowing any time soon. While there’s no denying the incredible benefits this has provided, including enhanced communication and greater access to information for all, it’s also brought about very serious new challenges. Perhaps the most pressing of these is the serious new risks to personal security, IP, and trade secrets. So, perhaps it’s a testament to human ingenuity that the team at Glacier Security is using technology to solve the problems posed by technology in the first place.

“Glacier security is a full service provider of secure communications solutions with both mobile and wired solutions,” said Glacier Security COO Jason Perzanowski in a recent interview with Broadcast Contributor Silvia Davi. “What we do with that is, we empower our clients to communicate securely throughout nations all over the world, and what this allows them to do is protect their data, their communications, intellectual property, and any other things they may want to protect within their business.”

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